Israeli troops come under fire from Gaza 4 times in 24 hours

For the fourth time in 24 hours, Israeli soldiers patrolling the border fence with Gaza were targeted by mortar fire from Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

IDF soldiers reported hearing an explosion while patrolling the border fence with Gaza Wednesday afternoon.

The explosion was reported near the Saja’iyya neighborhood on the eastern side of Gaza city.  It is believed to have been caused by a mortar shell fired towards the border from Gaza.

No Israeli troops were reported injured and the IDF returned fire.

Earlier Wednesday, another mortar shell was fired towards Israeli troops who were completing engineering  work near the border. No troops were injured in this incident and the army responded with tank fire targeting a Hamas observation point.

This is the first time mortar shells have been fired into Israeli territory since the end of the summer 2014 war.

Tuesday a sniper opened fire from the Saja’iyya neighborhood on a group of Israeli troops but did not hit any soldiers.

The mortar fire comes a day after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Gaza border region, where he examined the entrance of a recently discovered Hamas tunnel reaching into Israeli territory.

The Prime Minister’s visit was the first to the region since the discovery of the tunnel, the first reaching into Israeli territory to be uncovered since 2014’s Operation Protective Edge.