Arab terrorist convicted in murder of Dafna Meir

The IDF spokesman on Tuesday announced that a 16-year-old Arab minor has been convicted of murdering Dafna Meir, a Jewish mother of six, in a stabbing attack in her home in Otniel in January.

Though the announcement was made Tuesday, the Judea Military Court convicted the Arab terrorist, whose name is under gag order, on Monday.

The indictment specified that the Arab terrorist who killed Dafna Meir on January 17 returned to his home in the nearby Arab village of Beit Amra shortly after the stabbing, and watched a movie with his family.

The teen terrorist watched Palestinian television broadcasts that incited against Israel and said Israel was “killing young Palestinians” before he allegedly committed the murder, according to the Shin Bet.
He was arrested two days after  the January 17 murder in Otniel, confessing to the crime during an interrogation.

According to Channel 2, the indictment said the terrorist had armed himself with carving knifes before heading to Otniel. Upon arrival in the Jewish community, the indictment said that he approached the Meir family home where he hid in bushes outside. From a distance he watched the 38-year-old nurse and her children inside their home.

The terrorist then attacked Meir and began stabbing her in the upper body in front of one of her children, the indictment stated. Despite Meir’s attempts to ward off the attacker, he was able to overcome her and repeatedly stab her. Afterward, the terrorist fled the scene while Meir lay dying.


Meanwhile, emergency workers were called to the house and determined Meir’s death.

The indictment also detailed the 16-year-old terrorist’s actions following the attack, in which he arrived home, noticed blood on his left hand and washed it off. Afterward, he reportedly sat down with his family and watched a movie.