Charges filed against Hamas terrorist who shot rockets at IDF

Israeli prosecutors announced on Sunday that they have filed charges against a Hamas terrorist involved in several serious crimes including planting explosives against IDF positions and launching rockets into Israeli territory.

Southern District prosecutors said that they filed at least 18 separate charges in the Beer Sheva Magistrate’s court against a 24-year-old Hamas terrorist who has been active within the terror organization since 2007.

One of the charges filled against the terrorist includes the accusation that the Hamas member, along with several others, had tracked the movements of IDF vehicles in order to plant explosive devices along several routes the military utilizes along the Gaza border.

The indictment did not specify whether any of the planned attacks were successful.

The indictment also details the Hamas terrorist’s activities following the conclusion of Israel’s 2012 military operation in Gaza dubbed “Pillar of Defense.”

Prosecutors allege that the terrorist fired numerous rockets and mortar shells at IDF positions stationed inside Kerem Shalom kibbutz near the Gaza border, nearly killing a number of soldiers.

The terrorist is also accused of owning and operating a smuggling tunnel used to transfer weapons and military uniforms into the coastal Palestinian enclave through the Rafah Crossing on the Egyptian border.  Prosecutors say the terrorist received a monthly payment of $2,000 for the use of the tunnel.

Furthermore, prosecutors say that the terrorist had been in contact with “foreign agents” and conspired to pass along sensitive information “with the intention to harm state security.”

Other charges listed in the indictment include providing illegal military training to terrorists, conspiring to commit murder, attempted murder, membership in an unlawful organization and numerous weapons offenses.