ISIS to target Italian, French and Spanish beach resorts

ISIS is planning terrorist attacks on resorts in southern Europe, including in France, Italy and Spain, a report says, adding that suicide bombers are expected to be disguised as beach vendors.

German Federal Intelligence Service was informed by the Italian intelligence about a threat in European resorts by ISIS, Das Bild newspaper said. The information about the coming attacks was reportedly received from Africa.

The report speculates the potential attackers could mostly come from Senegal, where the Boko Haram terrorist group, which pledged loyalty to ISIS in 2015, is active.

According to the information, the terrorists are expected to be dressed as vendors at the European resorts, selling things like sunglasses, drinks and ice cream.

The terrorists are going to use automatic weapons or explosive devices in their attacks, the report states. Their bombs may be buried under sunbeds at the resorts.

“It could be a new dimension of terror from ISIS… The holiday beaches are hard to protect…” the paper cited a German high-ranking official as saying.

In June 2015, a gunman linked to ISIS opened fire on the beach at the popular Tunisian resort area of Sousse. At least 38 people were killed and dozens injured in the attack. Sousse attracts tourists from Europe as well as neighboring countries.