Top-tier singers to headline Tel Aviv rally for Hevron soldier

Several prominent Israeli performers will appear at a rally Tuesday in support of the IDF soldier who is scheduled to be indicted for shooting dead an Arab terrorist in Hevron last month.

The demonstration in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square — which is expected to attract a huge crowd — was organized by the soldier’s family along with former Knesset member Sharon Gal. Singers Eyal Golan, David D’or, and rapper Subliminal are slated to perform, according to a report by Channel 2.

“This soldier is like everyone’s son and I’m coming to support him and his family,” Eyal Golan said.


A recently-conducted online poll has found that a majority of the Israeli public supports the soldier’s action, regardless of the fact that they have been widely condemned by many senior-level officials including the Defense Minister.

The soldier was expected to be indicted for manslaughter on Monday.

Last week, the military prosecution lodged a declaration with the court that it will file the manslaughter indictment against the soldier early next week. The chief prosecutor of the Israel Defense Forces was also seeking to have the soldier remanded in jail until Monday, while his attorney argued the case could proceed without the suspect in custody.

The mother of the IDF soldier, whose name is withheld under a gag order, issued a public plea Thursday to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to have her son released.

In a letter to the prime minister the soldier’s mother said: “I ask you now, as the mother of a fighter, please do everything you can to make sure my son comes home.

“Enough is enough, I write to you with hands shaking, with a lump in my throat, [as] my family is falling apart. Every moment without my son, we are growing weaker,” she wrote.