IDF clarifies: Body of terrorist erroneously returned

Israel on Friday erroneously returned the PA the body of an ax-wielding terrorist who was eliminated Thursday after attacking IDF soldiers at a military post at Al-Aroub south of Bethlehem.

The IDF initially confirmed that the body of the Arab ax terrorist, Ibrahim Baradiya, had been returned to Palestinian custody.

The IDF later said the return of the terrorist’s body occurred “following an error that originated in a misunderstanding.” An investigation has been launched into how the body was returned contrary to government directives.

“The government sets the policy on returning bodies,” the IDF Spokesman said.

On Thursday, the terrorist armed with an ax attacked soldiers at a military post at Al-Aroub south of Bethlehem.

The soldier’s helmet deflected the blow and the terrorist was shot dead by fellow soldiers before he could strike again. All the soldiers were unharmed.


The 53-year-old terrorist was born in the village of Surif, located northeast of Hevron. According to Arab reports, he had served for years in Israeli jails.


The ax incident was the first Arab terror attack in several days.

In March, Netanyahu ordered Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon to stop the transfer of Palestinian terrorists’ bodies.

Arabs hold that these terrorists are ‘martyrs’ and have in the past held mass funerals for them in which their bodies are paraded on gurneys through their home villages or cities.