Mother of accused soldier appeals to Netanyahu to intervene

The mother of the IDF soldier facing manslaughter charges for shooting dead a terrorist in Hevron last month issued a public plea Thursday to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to have her son released.

In a letter to the prime minister cited by Channel 2, the soldier’s mother said: “I ask you now, as the mother of a fighter, please do everything you can to make sure my son comes home.”

“Enough is enough, I write to you with hands shaking, with a lump in my throat, [as] my family is falling apart. Every moment without my son, we are growing weaker,” she wrote.


“Is it appropriate that a fighter who neutralized a terrorist at the site of an attack be detained almost a whole month?” she asked, expressing her outrage over the manslaughter charge.

“Manslaughter, for God’s sake, for neutralizing a terrorist! Is it conceivable that a dedicated, moral, acclaimed fighter be accused of manslaughter, under your watch, for shooting a terrorist?” she asked in her letter to Netanyahu.

“Our family is terribly worried that [our son] won’t get a fair trial, [that it] won’t be clean [from bias], that it won’t be free from outside influences. We’re worried that he’s going to be a scapegoat, due to the interference of very high level officials who from the first moment passed judgment, without waiting for the results of the investigation.”

The soldier’s mother continued, directly asking Netanyahu to intervene on her son’s behalf and ensure that charges of manslaughter are dropped.

“My son must not be convicted of manslaughter – I’m asking you to do everything you can to see that he is returned home to me.”