Italian film ‘Israel, the Cancer’ causes uproar


Pro-Palestinian activist Samantha Comizzoli is known in Italy for her daily attacks on Israel’s policy in the West Bank and Gaza on her Facebook page and blog, but the biggest buzz from her direction has been created by a recent documentary she produced, which refers to Israel as the cancer of the Middle East and compares its soldiers to the Nazis.

The existence of the film, “Israele, Il Cancro” (“Israel, the Cancer”), has only been revealed now, months after was screened in different forums in Italy.

The film presents testimonies of Palestinian residents telling Comizzoli’s camera about the injustices they have allegedly been subject to by IDF soldiers.

According to a report published several days after the screening in a number of media outlets in Italy, the film “Israele, Il Cancro” was shown in Museo Villa Colloredo Mels in Recanati, which is sponsored by the municipality.

Israeli Ambassador to Italy Naor Gilon issued a public protest against the film’s screening, noting that “the film’s title, ‘Israel, the Cancer,’ is reminiscent of dark eras in the Italian and European history, in which Jews were defined as a disease.”

According to Gilon, Recanati Mayor Fiordomo telephoned him on Wednesday and offered his apology, stressing that the municipality did not sponsor the event but only provided a room for the screening.
“We hope that as a result of this move, other mayors will think twice before allowing such events to be held in their areas,” Ambassador Gilon said.