Soldier who shot terrorist released to open base

The soldier who shot a terrorist in Hevron will be held under arrest on base until his next court appearance, a military court ruled Friday.

The military court issued the ruling after rejecting the prosecution’s appeal filed early Friday morning, requesting that the soldier remain in military police custody for an additional seven days.

A new hearing of a military appeals court is scheduled for Tuesday, the army said in a statement.

The decision to place the soldier under arrest at his base is seen as less serious than holding him in a military prison.

It follows a favorable ruling on Thursday, when military prosecutors announced that the 19-year-old soldier would be investigated for manslaughter, rather than murder.

Under Israeli law, manslaughter signifies an intentional but not premeditated killing.


Top military and government officials have strongly condemned the soldier’s behavior, but right-wing politicians and Israelis have reacted angrily to his arrest and demanded his release.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a former special forces officer, appeared on Thursday evening to walk a line between backing the military justice system and showing empathy for the tough conditions soldiers face.