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UN Nuclear Watchdog Rejects Bid to Monitor Israel’s Nuclear Facilities

The International Atomic Energy Agency’ General Conference on Thursday rejected a resolution proposed by the Arab nations, headed by Egypt, which called for international supervision over Israel’s nuclear facilities.
61 countries voted against the proposal, 43 voted for it and 33 abstained.
Voting against the resolution were the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, all European Union members, Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, as well as south American countries such as Uruguay and Panama. Kenya and other countries in Africa and the Pacific also opposed the resolution. Many others abstained, including Brazil and India. Russia, China, Turkey and South Africa joined the Arab countries and voted for the resolution.

The Qatari envoy, whose country heads the Arab group at the IAEA, presented the resolution proposal titled “Israel’s nuclear capabilities,” calling on Israel to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty and to place its nuclear facilities under UN supervision. He noted that these facilities are the only ones in the Middle East not under international supervision, and thus pose a danger.

Envoy David Danieli of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission presented Israel’s stance in at the meeting. He criticized the proposal, saying that a similar one was rejected by IAEA general conference last year and calling on all the nations to vote against it again.

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