Suspected arson at home of key witness in the Duma trial

Ibrahim Dawabsheh a key witness in the Duma arson trial which began earlier this month, told police that unknown assailants set his house on fire overnight.

Police and IDF forces quickly arrived to the village and started conducted searches for any of the perpetrators.

Ibrahim Dawabsheh told  Sunday that he had heard his window breaking, so he and his wife knew immediately it was arson and rushed out, an instance before something inside exploded and the entire place went up in flames. The couple was rushed to hospital in Shechem.

Duma is notorious for its arsons. In 2015 alone there were at least 5 cases of arson there, two of which are being blamed on Amiram Ben Oliel, 21, a Jewish man from Jerusalem who lived in an outpost nearby. The rest were inside jobs, most likely Dawabsheh on Dawabsheh crimes.

Most of the 2,300 or so residents of the Duma village are named Dawabsheh. It’s a big clan.

Ibrahim Dawabsheh is a key witness in the case against Ben Oliel. Ibrahim Dawabsheh could end up being the witness whose testimony causes the case to end in a mistrial, because it contradicts the prosecution’s version of the crime.

While an investigation into the attack is currently underway, a gag order was issued by the Jerusalem Magistrates Court at the request of the police.