IDF, Shin Bet Capture Terrorist Murderer of Avraham Hasno

IDF soldiers from the elite Duvdevan unit and Israeli intelligence agents arrested the killer of 55-year-old Avraham Hasno, in a joint operation in the southern Hevron Hills.

The terrorist was taken into custody overnight, from a locationĀ near the Arab village of Dahariya, near Yattir.

The terroristĀ is accused of murdering Hasno in a terrorist vehicle hit-and-run attack on October 20, 2015 at the Fuar Junction near Hebron and Kiryat Arba, after he was ambushed in a rock-throwing roadblock at the site. He was run over twice by the Arab truck driver at the time, in mid-October.


Local Arab residents cheered and whistled while paramedics unsuccessfully tried to save his life.

The murderer was initially spared Israeli arrest by immediately turning to the Palestinian Authority, who took him into custody.


The terroristĀ was detained (read: protected) until recently at the Palestinian Authority police station in Dahariya, according to a statement by the Shin Bet.

Subsequent to his release by the PA authorities several days ago, he was arrested by Israeli forces following much effort and intelligence work.

The terroristĀ has been transferred to security personnel for further investigation and interrogation.