Now Croatian riot police are sent to deal with migrants after 6,000 arrive in the country in 24 hours


Helmeted riot police tried to control growing crowds of refugees at the Croatian border town of Tovarnik this morning, as thousands of migrants jostled to board buses after crossing into the country from neighbouring Serbia.

Over the past 24 hours more than 6,000 new arrivals have entered the EU member state via its eastern border – the route of choice for those hoping to reach western Europe after Hungary sealed its southern frontier with Serbia.

Long queues formed for buses bound for migrant reception centres elsewhere in Croatia, stretching the country’s infrastructure to breaking point. Over 100 riot police officers were deployed to control the crowds and keep them back from railway tracks.

In the capital Zagreb, riot officers surrounded a hotel housing hundreds of refugees after they began chanting ‘Freedom! Freedom!’ and throwing rolls of toilet paper from balconies and windows.