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Jewish man murdered in a stabbing attack in Uruguay

David Fremd, a Jewish man in his 50s, was seriously wounded in a stabbing attack on Tuesday in the city of Paysandú in Uruguay by a terrorist who reportedly called out “Allahu Akbar.”

According to reports from the Jewish community in the country, Fremd was walking down the street when the attacker jumped him and stabbed him in the back 10 times.

According to reports in Uruguay, one of Fremd’s sons was also wounded in the attack.

Local police located and arrested the terrorist, a 35 years old man with a criminal past. Police is examining whether the attack was criminal or anti-Semitic in nature.

Paysandú is a small town on the Uruguay river, by the Argentina border.

Uruguay’s chief rabbi, Ben-Tzion Spitz, said he was making his way to the hospital.

“The victim has a secular appearance, but is known in the town as Jewish. We don’t know who the stabber is, except for the fact we heard he has been arrested by police,” Rabbi Spitz said.

According to Spitz, there are about 15,000 Jews in Uruguay. “We haven’t felt a lot of anti-Semitism here and that’s why this incident is very surprising to us,” he added.

UPDATE: The victim died of his wounds.

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