American tourist murdered, 14 wounded; 4 terrorists eliminated in 4 terror attacks

A 29-year-old American tourist has been murdered and at least 14 people wounded in four separate stabbing and shooting attacks in four separate locations on Tuesday. The four Arab terrorists were eliminated.

The attacks occurred as US vice president Joe Biden landed in Israel at the start of a 2-day visit.

In the most serious incident, a 22-year old Arab terrorist from Qalqilya stabbed passers-by at the popular Yaffo port and then continued his 20-minute stabbing spree, running north past the Manta Ray restaurant before he was shot and killed by police close to the Dolphinarium. An American tourist was murdered and 11 hurt, most of them with light wounds. Amongst the wounded was a pregnant woman who was seriously hurt. Two of those hurt were Arabs.

Earlier, two Israeli Border Police officers were injured, one critically and one seriously- in a drive-by shooting attack on Salah a-Din Street, near Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate, carried out by a terrorist on a motorcycle.

The terrorist opened fire at the officers, hitting one in the head. As he attempted to escape the scene, security forces engaged him in a firefight, during which he shot the second officer.


Both border police officers were taken to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital. The terrorist was eliminated.  A gag order was issued on the incident.

In Petah Tikva a man was stabbed and moderately wounded. The Arab terrorist, followed his victim into a store on the city’s central Brosh Street and began stabbing him in his upper body, police said.

Police said that at one point the victim “regained composure” and together with the owner of the store subdued the terrorist, taking the knife from him and stabbing him to death.


Earlier, a female Arab terrorist tried to stab police officers in Jerusalem’s Hagai Street, which has seen several stabbings in the past few months.

According to the police, the terrorist approached Border Police officers on Hagai Street, drew a knife from her back, and tried to stab them.


The terrorist, a woman  resident of East Jerusalem aged around 50, was shot and eliminated. No one else was hurt. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack and  praised today’s terror attacks in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.