Poll: Nearly 50% of Israeli Jews support transfer or expulsion of Arabs from Israel

A new poll has revealed that nearly half of Israeli Jews are in favor of the expulsion or transfer of Arabs from Israel.

The survey, conducted by leading polling group the American Pew Research Center between the end of 2014 and mid-2015, concluded before the current wave of terror broke out. The Pew Center published its results on Tuesday.

When faced with the statement “Arabs should be expelled or transferred from Israel,” 48 percent of Israeli Jews said they were in favor of the idea, with 21 percent strongly agreeing and 27 percent “mostly” agreeing.

Forty-six percent expressed their opposition to such a plan: 29 percent responded that they “don’t really agree” and 17 percent said they “don’t agree at all.”

The level of support changes among different demographics within Israeli society. Among the religious sector, 71 percent support expulsion of Arabs from Israel, while 58 percent of the secular community is opposed. Thirty-seven percent of secular respondents said they supported the idea.

On the right-wing, 71 percent said they supported expulsion, compared to 86 percent on the left who said they were opposed.



Jews in Israel are also highly skeptical of the Palestinian Authority’s motives in peace negotiations. A mere 10% believed the Palestinian Authority is genuinely interested in peaceful relations with Israel

Israeli Arabs held an equally dim view of Israel’s leadership, with only 20% saying they felt the Israeli government was sincere about pursuing peace. Israeli Arabs also increasingly believe a peaceful coexistence between Israel and a Palestinian state is impossible.

While 74% believed it was possible in 2013, that number dropped to 50% in the latest survey.