IDF officers dismissed, suspended over stabbing at Har Bracha outpost

Three Israel Defense Forces commanders have been disciplined in the wake of last Wednesday’s stabbing attack by two Arab terrorists at an isolated military position near the community of Har Bracha in Samaria. Two soldiers from the IDF’s Kfir Brigade were wounded — one moderately and one lightly — in the attack.

The investigation into the attack revealed numerous operational shortcomings, prompting Brig. Gen. Oren Avman, commander of Division 340, to take tough disciplinary action against three commanders of the attacked soldiers.

The company commander received a written reprimand and was suspended from command roles for a year. The platoon commander and platoon sergeant have been dismissed from their roles.

It has yet to be decided whether disciplinary action will be taken against the soldiers themselves.

Video filmed shortly after the attack revealed the military position to be in a generally disheveled state, with leftover food, a backgammon board apparently used by soldiers during guard duty, and, worst of all, the soldiers’ weapons lying to the side of where they had been sitting when they were attacked. It appeared the soldiers manning the post were not operationally prepared, and thus were surprised by the terrorists and failed to shoot them.