9 Arab Rioters Killed Trying to Storm Gaza Border

Some 500 arab terrorists riot near Gaza border fence; IDF troops open fire killing at least 9, wounding 90 (including 15 seriously-critical).

IDF troops killed at least nine Palestinian terrorists on Friday afternoon, after firing live rounds at 2-3 of the central agitators in violent riots near the northern border of the Gaza Strip, close to Kibbutz Nahal Oz. At least 15 serious-critically injured.

Israeli troops reportedly fired at the Palestinians after they approached the no-go buffer zone enforced on the Gaza side of the border fence. At least 20 others were wounded in the incident.

Ahmed Arabawi (19) and Houssam Dola (20) were named as two killed terrorists according to medical sources inside Gaza.

Around 200 Palestinians demonstrated in the area after the shots were fired.

An army spokeswoman said the incident was continuing, adding that about 200 Palestinians had approached the fence while hurling rocks and rolling burning tires toward security forces.

“Forces on the site responded with fire toward the main instigators to prevent their progress and disperse the riot,” she said.

The spokeswoman confirmed “five hits” without elaborating.

*UPDATE* Gaza: Around 500 arab terrorists try to breach Erez Crossing in the northern Gaza Strip

Around 400 arab terrorists from the Shuja’iya neighborhood demonstrated in the area after the shots were fired, throwing stones and burning tires.

IDF troops also responded to a violent demonstration along Gaza’s southern border with Israel near Khan Younis, with riots also reported at the eastern border area.

Hamas previously declared that Friday would be a “Day of Rage” after days of attacks in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

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Ahmed Arabawi (19) few minutes before he was shot dead




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