WATCH: Attempted Stabbing in Afula; Terrorist Wounded

A female Arab terrorist was neutralized after attempting to launch yet another stabbing attack moments ago in the Central Bus Station in Afula, Magen David Adom (MDA) and ZAKA report.

The terrorist attempted to stab a security guard at the entrance to the station. She was shot, apparently by security forces at the scene, before being able to complete the attack. She is now wounded and listed in moderate condition.

Two additional people have been treated for shock; they have been evacuated to HaEmek Hospital in the city.

Footage has emerged showing police forces acting to calm the crowd directly after the attempt.

Less than 24 hours ago, an Arab stabbed an IDF soldier in the streets of Afula, leaving him with moderate to serious wounds.

The terrorist was overcome by angry Israeli Jewish bystanders, who beat him until police arrived.

In the video, the knife-wielding Muslim woman – dressed in green and wearing a hijab – can be seen holding up her knife in a threatening gesture and screaming at police, who urge her repeatedly to put it down.

Eventually, sensing a real threat their own safety and that of civilians in the area, police fired multiple shots, and she falls to the ground.

Two people at the scene were treated for shock.

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