As terror continues to rage, school security budget extended

The budget allotment for security at public schools throughout Israel has been extended to the end of March, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon announced Sunday.

Due to the ongoing security situation, schools will have government funding for security personnel until 4 p.m.

The extended provision of emergency security aid is designed to provide a solution until the government can find a permanent solution to the issue. Any local authority that chooses to bolster its school security can do so and be reimbursed by the government when the decision is implemented. The Public Security Ministry will transfer the money to local authorities.

Not all local authorities will receive equal funding. Communities in any of the bottom four socio-economic classifications will receive full government funding for security for their schools, while communities in the middle and upper socio-economic rankings will be reimbursed for 70% of their expenditures on school security, with the local authorities shouldering the remaining 30%.