Israel folds to hunger-striking Hamas terrorist

An Arab terrorist held under Israel’s administrative detention agreed Friday to end his 94-day hunger strike after Israeli and Palestinian officials reached a deal for his release in May, an NGO announced.

“An agreement has been reached under which his administrative detention will end on May 21 and will not be renewed,” the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club said.

An Israeli court officially suspended the internment order against Qiq on February 4, but refused his demand for transfer to a hospital in Ramallah, under Palestinian Authority jurisdiction.

The deal struck between Israeli and Palestinian officials on Friday outlines that Qiq will remain hospitalized in Israel’s Haemek hospital in the northern city of Afula, and will not be transferred to Al-Makassed hospital in East Jerusalem as he requested.

In exchange, his release from detention will be moved forward from June 21 to May 21.

Qiq’s lawyer is quoted saying that the “deal came together last night (Thursday),” adding that Qiq “will remain in the hospital to receive medical care. His family will visit in the coming hours.”

Al-Qiq has been refusing food since November 25. The terrorist had occasionally taken minerals and vitamins but mainly ingested only tap water, doctors who have visited him said, over the course of his 94 day hunger strike.

The terrorist has a history of being jailed for aiding Hamas; previously he was jailed for a month in 2003 and then for 13 months in 2004 for activities with the Hamas terrorist organization.

In 2008, he was sentenced to 16 months in prison on charges linked to his activities on the student council at Ramallah’s radical Birzeit University.