Arab League Chief Blasts ‘Racist’ Israel

Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi on Thursday condemned what he branded Israel’s “racist and aggressive” practices towards the Palestinians and urged the United Nations and international community to intervene.

Arabi’s statement came amid continued clashes between Palestinian rock throwers and Israeli security forces in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and amid continued terrorist attacks against Israelis.

“The international community and the United Nations must take up their responsibilities in countering the aggressive and racist Israeli practices towards the Palestinian people,” Arabi was quoted by the AFP news agency as having said.

“The continuing escalation of attacks on the Palestinian people by the Israelioccupation authorities and settlers threaten to exacerbate the situation in the entire region as the international community remains silent to these crimes,” he added.

Arabi said the “arbitrary arrests of Palestinians, burning of their homes and preventing them from performing religious rituals constitute flagrant violation” of UN human rights resolutions, according to AFP.

His statement failed to mention any of the recent terrorist attacks carried out against Israelis.