Dozens Injured as Beirut Riot Police Fire Tear Gas at Anti-Gov’t Protest

At least six policemen suffered injuries as protesters threw rocks and other projectiles at a police formation blocking the way toward Lebanon’s parliament, a heavily fortified square.

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This week’s parliamentary session aimed to find solutions to the country’s ongoing political crisis. A three-day “national dialogue” started on Tuesday, but was postponed until October 26 after Thursday’s clashes.


Discontent with the country’s authorities has repeatedly provoked street protests in Lebanon in recent months. In July widely perceived incompetence and corruption led to a protest campaign dubbed “You stink,” as public utilities failed to clean garbage from the streets, where it was left to rot away in the heat.

Disagreement between Lebanon’s main political forces has left the country without a president for more than a year. The Saudi-backed Sunni-led Future Movement is in direct confrontation with the Iran-backed Shiite party Hezbollah, with each party supporting confronting sides in neighboring Syria as well.