Clip of Hezbollah sniper killing ISIS terrorists is from video game

A short video clip, broadcast by Iranian state television, has stirred a global storm. The video, which alleges to show a Hezbollah sniper assassinating Islamic State group fighters, has been revealed as a YouTube video of someone playing the popular first-person shooter video game “Medal of Honor.”

The footage was also shown on Saudi Arabian state television and initially generated feelings of pride among the Shiite-Syrian camp supporting the Bashar Assad regime, at war with rebel forces and Islamic State.

Before it was revealed as a fake, the video was titled “Hezbollah sniper kills six ISIS fighters in two minutes,” and one Iranian media outlet went as far as to claim that the weapon used was an Iranian-made Arash sniper rifle.

The clip was ultimately proven to be part of a video uploaded to YouTube in 2012.

At the bottom of the screen one can see an indicator counting each successful kill, a hallmark of the Electronic Arts video