WATCH: Heartbreaking wedding video of terror victim

Tuvia Yanai Weissman was murdered by 14-year-old Arab terrorists, leaving behind his new wife and four-month-old baby.

Sad beyond words.

Weissman, an IDF sergeant in the Nahal Brigade and resident of the Ma’aleh Michmash, was buried on Friday morning in Jerusalem’s Mt. Herzl cemetery.

At the funeral, Weissman’s bereaved widow Yael said: “you were always full of endless giving, if you hadn’t run there (to stop the terrorists) you wouldn’t be the Yanai that I know and fell in love with. If only you could have been with Neta more, how many dreams we had.”

“Before we entered the supermarket I asked you when we will be a normal family and you said it won’t be long,” she said, in a reference to his ongoing intense army service.

“My beloved, who would believe that I would write to you while you are no longer with me, in the short time we had on the weekends you made sure to take care of everything. You heard that something happened and you ran and I waited for you.”

“We managed so much in two years of marriage even though we weren’t together a lot.”

“Yanai you are a true hero of all the nation of Israel, you knew that you had no weapon and nevertheless you ran. I want to thank you, I merited to learn from a talented and special man. Thank you for our Neta,” concluded Yael.