Israeli Air Strike on Syrian Regime Forces

Israel reportedly bombarded a Syrian regime stronghold south of Damascus on Wednesday, Feb. 17.

All reports thus far of strikes by the Israeli Air Force on the Syrian regime outpost can be traced to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The SOHR, a British-based non-governmental organization, reported that Israel bombarded a location south of the Syrian capital of Damascus, at Mount Mana, near roads leading to the city of Daraa. This area is controlled by the Assad regime.

That location was struck by three missiles, leading to physical damage. There were no reports about the extent of the physical damage or about human losses.

There have been occasional reports of Israeli airstrikes in Syria by Arabic media, the last time being last December, when Hezbollah operative Samir Kuntar was assassinated in an attack attributed to Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said several weeks before the alleged assassination that Israel does sometimes conduct operations in Syria, saying “we operate in Syria periodically in order to mitigate the threat of Syria being turned into a another front against Israel.”

He continued, “We are working against the opening of an additional terror front that Iran is trying to open on the Golan, and in order to mitigate the transfer of deadly weapons from Syria to Lebanon. This is something which we will continue to do.”

If it turns out that the IAF did in fact carry out strikes against Syrian targets over the last several months, it shows the significance of the coordination mechanism in place with Russia.