Jerusalem Schools Shutdown over Terror Fears

As security concerns continues to rise in Israel, high schools in Jerusalem have called a strike on Thursday, as parents and school administrators decry the limited security supplied by the Education Ministry at schools.

Security guards, according to parents and administrators, have been going off duty before the end of classes, leaving children vulnerable to terrorists, who could easily access school buildings and carry out attacks.

In Ashkelon, all city schools, including kindergartens, are closed for the same reason.

According to the Jerusalem Parent-Teacher Association, “events of recent days have increased the tension among parents, students, and school administrators. The security situation is deteriorating, and as a result we have decided, for the sake of our children, to keep them home until the security situation improves.”

For a start, the parents demand that security guards be on duty until all childrenhave left school, and not only until 1:30 in the afternoon, when the shift for many of them is up. In high schools and many elementary schools, classes continue through 4:30.

The PTA said the Jerusalem Municipality completely supports their position, and in discussions with it has told parents that the issue is a matter of money, and that more government funds were needed to keep the guards on duty longer.

The strike is open-ended, and could expand to elementary schools next week, the Jerusalem parents said.

The Education Ministry has not yet commented on the strike.