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(UK) Muslim trucker planned attack on US, UK airmen

An ISIS-inspired delivery driver planned to attack US or UK airmen outside their bases in Britain, a court heard.

Junead Khan, 25, allegedly used his route as a health goods deliveryman to drive past RAF bases used by the US in East Anglia, Kingston Crown Court was told.

Khan, from Luton, had originally planned to travel to Syria to join Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (Isil) along with his uncle Shazib Khan.

But he changed his plans in May last year and turned his focus to attacking military personnel in Britain instead.

Opening the case, prosecutor Max Hill QC said Khan worked for TRG Logistics as a contracted driver delivering pharmaceuticals goods for Alliance Healthcare.

“It was this work that brought Khan near to armed forces bases including USAF bases in Norfolk (and Suffolk), which is relevant to Count 2 and Khan’s intentions in the period May to July,” Mr Hill said.

It included RAF Mildenhall and RAF Lakenheath which are used by the US Air Force.

Khan denies two counts of preparing an act of terrorism, in relation to his alleged plans to travel to Syria and later alleged plans to attack airmen or women in the UK.

Mr Hill told the jury it did not matter, in terms of the charge, whether Khan planned to attack British soldiers or American airmen.

Shazib Khan, 23, who is Khan’s uncle despite being two years younger, denies one count of preparing an act of terrorism in connection with alleged plans to travel to Syria.

Mr Hill said Shazib Khan is not charged with any offence in connection with his nephew’s plans for a terror attack in the UK.

But both are accused of preparing to join Isil in Syria.

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