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Australia: Muslim teen murderer got his gun at mosque and his Islamic schoolyard prayer meeting being investigated

The Muslim teen prayed for 40 minutes inside the Sydney mosque before changing out of his tracksuit and into black robes to carry out his deadly mission at police headquarters. The weapon used by Farhad Jabar was believed to be  handed to the jihadi at the Parramatta mosque:

The revelation comes amid reports last night, as police had obtained CCTV footage from the mosque showing Jabar meeting several men in the lead-up to the brutal streetside slaying.

The head of the state’s counter-terrorism command, NSW Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn, said inquiries confirmed a number of men arrested in sweeping anti-terrorism raids across Sydney yesterday, had attended the mosque on the day of the fatal shooting.

Not only is there mosque involvement in the jihad execution of a police employee, but the killer’s school prayer group is under investigation.

The terror teen who gunned down a police employee in cold blood in Parramatta last Friday had been a regular member of an Islamic schoolyard prayer meeting being audited by the state government. A spokeswoman for NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli last night confirmed the Muslim prayer group, held at lunchtime each Friday under teacher supervision at Arthur Phillip High School where Farhad Jabar was a student, had been reviewed following allegations pupils were preaching extremism at similar sessions at another school.

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