Egyptians Angry Over TV News Ticker Calling Murdered Jews ‘Martyrs’

Egyptian satellite channel CBC has come under attack for how it described Jews murdered in Jerusalem.

The news ticker says “Martyrdom of settlers and wounding of two others as well as the death of the attacker in Jerusalem.”
Many newspaper articles and social media lit up with anger at Egyptian TV daring to call innocent Jews who were murdered “martyrs” and the Arab attacker as merely “dead.”

The TV network apologized for the error, but that is not enough for the angry Arabs who are convinced that the Egyptian government is tilting towards the Jews and against the heroes who murder them.

The irony, of course, is that by definition practically no Arabs are “martyrs” but the innocent Jews being slaughtered really are. Martyrdom applies to those murdered because of their faith, and as we have seen, the Jews being stabbed and run over are chosen purely because they are Jews, not because they are “Zionists” or “Israelis” or “settlers.”

Unfortunately, Jews are uncomfortable using an accurate term for their martyrs and they cede the emotional language to those who wholeheartedly support the murderers. And the casual news consumer is more sympathetic to stories that use emotional language.