Netanyahu: We Will Overcome the Terror Wave with Decisiveness

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu held a debate and assessment of the current situation at the Jerusalem district operations room, in conjunction with several government and security officials.

Following the meeting, Netanyahu said that “We are still in the throes of a terror wave. We are acting with aggression against the terrorists, law breakers and inciters. We increased forces and are using all of means and all strategies needed in order to fight this terror.”

“In the war on terror, the civilians are at the front lines and need to be alert as well. I would like to praise the cool demeanor and bravery that Israeli citizens have exhibited in recent days, including today, in Jerusalem and in Kiryat Gat. The goal of terror is to sow the seeds of fear. The first rule of overcoming terror is to exhibit collectedness and personal and national immunity. We have experienced worse times than these. We will overcome this terror wave with decisiveness, responsibility and unity,” Netanyahu added.

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