Arab rock thrower shot by IDF

An Arab teen-terrorist who threw rocks at Israeli vehicles was shot and killed by the IDF near Al-Arroub north of Hevron on Wednesday, according to an army spokeswoman.

The incident began when an IDF unit spotted a group of Arabs hurling rocks at Israeli traffic on Route 60. Soldiers fired live rounds, aiming at the legs of suspects, and striking one of them, an army spokeswoman said.

The PA Ministry of Health said Jawabra was rushed to Al-Mezan Hospital in Hevron in critical condition and later died of his wounds.

On his Facebook page, the young terrorist wrote on October 26, 2015: “If I leave the arena of life, my heart will rest; Oh eye, do not shed a tear; my homeland, call out on the day of my martyrdom.”

Palestinian news agency Ma’an claimed that one 16-year-old terrorist was shot in the chest and killed by IDF gunfire. The IDF responded by saying that the live gunfire was aimed at the lower body, and that is where the rock-throwing teen-terrorist was shot, while he was carrying out a violent rock-throwing attack against the soldiers.