Stabbing Attack in Crown Heights, NY

Yehuda Leib Brikman, 25, was stabbed in the back by an African-American man Wednesday, on the corner of Empire Blvd. and Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights, Crown Heights.Info reported.

The attacker fled the scene and is at large. According to Brikman, he and the attacker crossed paths on Empire Blvd., when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back and realized he had been stabbed in his upper right back.

Brikman had been married only a week ago. He was taken by Hatzolah to Kings County Hospital in stable condition.

According to NYPD chief of detectives Robert Boyce, this was probably a hate crime, since “No words were [exchanged] prior to the argument. [Brikman] is dressed in Hasidic garb. Right now we are looking at this as a possible hate crime because he is dressed in that fashion.”

Yehuda Brikman is the son of Chabad Rabbi Chaim Brikman of Seagate, Brooklyn.

Video from the scene shows the attacker – in a blue hoodie – fleeing the scene.

Hatzalah paramedics evacuated him to hospital in serious but stable condition, with a collapsed lung.

The victim – a yeshiva student – later told police he had never seen his attacker before or even exchanged words with him.