WATCH: Foreign Ministry Asks Facebook to Remove Terror-Supporting Clips

The Foreign Ministry’s outreach department has asked Facebook and Youtube to remove Palestinian clips that support the recent attack in Jerusalem.

The Ministry has also released a statement explaining that the way Palestinians use platforms such as Facebook and Youtube in order to support attacks against Jews and to increase hatred and violence, are not permissible: “We cannot allow anyone to spread propaganda of hatred and violence, the results of which we are sadly experiencing every day.”

The new music video joins a long series of Hamas Hebrew language hits. The terror group seemingly aims to induce fear and anxiety within the Israeli public with its clips, however more often than not the songs have become quite popular among Israelis for both their rhythmic and comedic value.

The newest song in the series titled “We are soldiers of god” begins with an opening shot which in which portraits of past Israeli leaders are set alight on a dramatically dark background.

The song then kicks off to the tune of a popular Israel song from the early 2000s – “Mi Shema’amin” (he who believes) by Eyal Golan, a cult classic among the Breslav Hasidic movement.

The video tries desperately to invoke terror by flashing through scenes of “reenacted” battles in which Hamas fighters kill IDF troops, while a voice in Hebrew sings praise to the terror group’s strength and vengeful might. The singer emphasizes Hamas’ will to “Kill the Zionists and infidels.”

The cheery chorus includes the phrases “We are the soldiers of god, we were sent to eliminate the Zionists, through fire, blade, and missile.”

Old Hamas clips which present Hamas’ “victorious” operations in last year’s Operation Protective Edge are peppered throughout the clip.

The singer then promises that “The Zionists will not receive our state as a gift” and “It’s a mitzvah (sic) to purge the land of Zionists,” obviously playing on the irony of the word “mitzvah.”

Towards the end of the video, clips of past terror attacks and portraits of Hamas militants who were killed, including Fadi Alon – the perpetrator of last Thursday’s stabbing attack in Jerusalem flash across the screen.

The film wraps with aerial footage of Jerusalem, and a simulated attack on an EL AL plane taking off, in the hope of leaving viewers shaking in utter terror.