Netanyahu: Israel needs fences on all borders to keep out ‘predators’ in region

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday announced his intention to “surround the entire State of Israel with a fence.”

Speaking during a tour of the Jordan border area in the south, Netanyahu said the extensive project would also address the potential threat of cross-border tunnels into Israeli territory.


Netanyahu said that the advantage of building the fence along the Jordanian border, as well as along the Egyptian border, is that there are no buildings nearby which could be used to camouflage the building of shafts for tunnels.

“That Is not the situation in Gaza, or potentially in Judea and Samaria,” he noted. “If you weigh whether to build a fence there you have to take into consideration that they could dig tunnels underneath. Those who said that there is no significance to territory in the modern era, should go to [look at the situation in] Gaza.”


“We are preparing a multi-year project to encircle Israel with a security fence, to defend ourselves in the Middle East as it is now, and as it is expected to be,” he said. In addition, he said. A plan is also being drawn up to fill in the gaps in the security fence in Judea and Samaria.

Asked what Israel will do if tunnels are burrowed under the fence, he replied, “We are doing other things, that I will not describe here.”

“They will say to me, what are do you want to do, protect the mansion? And the answer is, yes. What, we will encircle the whole country with a fence and obstacles? The answer is an unequivocal yes.” he said.

“In the neighborhood in which we live we need to protect ourselves against beasts,” he added.

Netanyahu said it will cost billions of shekels to complete the project, and will be spread over a number of years.