Soldier badly wounded in 2014 Gaza war released from hospital

Ohad Ben-Yishai, a soldier in the elite Egoz unit who was critically wounded in the battle of Shuja’iyya in the Gaza Strip during Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014, has returned home after completing a year-and-a-half-long period of rehabilitation at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer.

Ben-Yishai sustained a severe head wound. He had to relearn how to walk and speak, as well as how to read and write.

At a going-home party held in his honor on the Rehabilitation Ward at Sheba, Ben-Yishai’s father, Shimon, thanked the hospital staff, saying, “We’re happy that this stage is over. It’s touching and joyful. Living at home and returning to his normal, supportive environment will also play a part in [Ohad’s] rehabilitation.

“Ohad is very happy and wants it very much, and it comes at a time when most of the people he was drafted with are finishing their army service and starting to travel and work and study, so moving home will be a positive change.

“Ohad’s fight to return to his life and [regain] his functioning continue. We’re very encouraged and hope that the process will continue.”