With no peace talks, Labor adopts ‘separation plan’

The Labor party on Sunday officially adopted the “separation plan” proposed by party head and Opposition Leader Isaac Herzog. The plan calls for taking steps to disengage from the Palestinians even without negotiations.

At the Labor party convention in Tel Aviv on Sunday, Herzog slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other right-wing leaders for the diplomatic and situational reality in which Israel currently finds itself.

“We are the only ones presenting a practical solution that two-thirds of the people support,” Herzog said. “The people are not buying the false propaganda of [Habayit Hayehudi leader Naftali] Bennett that the two-state solution is dead. Listen to me well, Bennett: The two-state idea is not dead. If the idea of separation [from the Palestinians] dies, the State of Israel will die.”

Herzog reiterated his view that while the two-state solution is not feasible at this time, there are diplomatic and security steps Israel can take to better its situation and facilitate the future implementation of the two-state solution once conditions are ripe