Bedouin conspired to help Tunisian jihadi infiltrate into Israel

A Bedouin from Tel Sheva has been indicted for conspiring with jihadi operatives from various Arab states to carry out terror attacks in Israel.

Israel Police said Monday that the Israeli Bedouin, a student in his 20s who also works as a substitute teacher at a school in Tel Sheva, was arrested on January 18 while returning to Israel from Jordan.

According to police, the Bedouin said in his interrogation that prior to leaving Israel for Jordan, he had conspired with the jihadis and agreed to help a jihadi from Tunisia to infiltrate into Israel and to carry out a terror attack in the country.

The Bedouin also agreed to join a Salafi jihadi group during this period, the police stated.

The Southern District State Attorney filed an indictment against him and requested that he be detained during the remainder of legal proceedings against him.