Danon: Palestinians citing UN Secretary General to excuse terror

Ambassador to the UN Dany Danon demanded a retraction on Monday from UN Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon of his recent statements in which he said the terrorist attacks by Palestinians against Israelis are a reaction of human nature to occupation.

Danon explained in a letter sent to the Secretary-General that a spokesperson for Fatah excused last week’s terror attack at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City in which 19-year-old Border Police officer Hadar Cohen was killed by saying that the attack was spurred by “the violation of occupation,” against the Palestinian people and was “a natural response.”

In a speech at the monthly Security Council debate on the Middle East earlier this month, Secretary- General Ban Ki- Moon, addressing the issue of Palestinian terror, said that “as oppressed peoples have demonstrated throughout the ages, it is human nature to react to occupation, which often serves as a potent incubator of hate and extremism.”

Ban made his remarks on the same day that terrorist victim Shlomit Krigman, 23, was buried in Jerusalem. The young woman was fatally stabbed on Monday evening by two Palestinian terrorists.

“Palestinian terrorism is using your words to excuse its actions,” Danon wrote in response to the statements made by the Fatah spokesperson.

“Your words have created two categories of terrorism: Terror against Israel, and then the rest of the world,” Danon explained.

Danon explained to the Secretary General that an additional terrorist attack had been executed in Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem since his statements, and that only the bravery of Hadar Cohen, a 19 year old police officer, prevented a large scale attack by paying the price of her life.

“Since when is it the job of the UN to find justifications for terror?,” asked Danon. “Since when does the UN create two categories for terrorism and its victims?”

In closing, Danon wrote, “I urge you to retract your statements and to make it clear that there is no justification for the bloodshed of Israeli victims.”