EU Official Caught Crossing Israel-Jordan border with Smuggled Gold, Smartphones, Steroids

An exceptionally ambitious smuggling attempt by a political consultant to the European Union mission to the Middle East was thwarted at the Allenby Bridge border crossing between Israel and Jordan, the Spokesperson and Information Unit of the Israel Tax Authority reported in a press release Thursday.

The EU owned vehicle was used by the official, and driven by a chauffeur who lives in Ataraot in northern Jerusalem.


Israeli Customs officials who detained the vehicle and at first found in the trunk dozens of smartphones of several brands.

As they dug further, they found an additional 700 smartphones, and dozens of kilograms of gold bars and pure gold jewelry.


Finally, they discovered illegal steroids which could risk public health if used without medical advice.

Altogether, the impounded goods were estimated at $2.5 million.



Following body searches, the diplomat and his chauffeur were taken to interrogations at the offices of the Customs and Tax Investigations in Jerusalem.

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The diplomat was consequently released and his chauffeur was brought before the Jerusalem Magistrates Court and remanded to jail until Sunday.