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Israeli envoy to UK warned over ‘security breaches’ at London residence

Israel’s former ambassador to the United Kingdom, Daniel Taub, returned to Jerusalem last year after reports of security breaches at the ambassador’s residence in London.

According to The Guardian, a number of sources said the breaches related to late night visits by individuals to Taub’s official home in the affluent St John’s Wood neighborhood.

After concerns were raised about unauthorized visitors in the residence, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs carried out an internal probe and Taub returned home.

Taub, who began his posting to Britain in 2011, had applied to stay in London before his departure.

Since his return to Jerusalem, he had been put forward as a candidate for the ministry’s chief legal counsel. However, following the alleged security breach, the foreign ministry’s appointment committee suspended his nomination for the role.

Taub was identified after speculation arose in the Israeli media earlier this week over the identity of a senior Israeli diplomat in Europe who had become embroiled in an alleged scandal.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem told The Guardian that it expressed “disgust at the publication of untruthful allegations regarding one of the finest members of the foreign service.”

“Following a thorough investigation by the Inspector General of the Ministry, it was determined that there had been no criminal or disciplinary wrongdoing and that the issue related to a breach of security protocol. The issue has been addressed and concluded,” the statement continued, according to The Guardian.

Taub was born in London in 1962, and gave up his UK citizenship more than 30 years ago when he emigrated to Israel. Taub and his wife Zehava have six children.

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