Wave of arrests in Kabatiya, after deadly Jerusalem attack

Security forces made five arrests in Kabatiya overnight between Wednesday and Thursday, operating near Jenin from which three Arab terrorists launched a deadly gun and knife attack on Border Police officers in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

The IDF has placed the village under a semi-closure, allowing all humanitarian goods and passage, but placing restrictions on ordinary movements by residents in and out of Kabatiya.

Violent Arab riots ongoing in Kabatiya.

Security forces also made preparations to demolish the homes of the three terrorists, by mapping out their houses, questioning their family members and collecting possible evidence.

The three terrorists were identified as Ahmed Rajeh Zakarneh, Muhammad Ahmed Kmail, and Ahmed Najeh Abu al-Rub – all from Kabatiya.

The IDF is investigating how the three terrorists were able to travel from northern Samaria all the way to the capital so heavily armed. The security apparatus apparently had no early information or warning about such a terror cell planning an attack.

However, one of the terrorists reportedly did write about his intentions to conduct an attack and “kill Jews” on Facebook last month.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened top security officials Wednesday evening and decided to surround the terrorists’ home village and conduct arrests, as well as reinforce troops in Samaria. The security establishment, including the IDF and police were set to provide additional support for reserve forces previously mobilized in Judea and Samaria.