One killed, two wounded in Jerusalem terror attack


Three Arab terrorists committed a combined stabbing and shooting attack Wednesday afternoon at Jerusalem’s Damascus gate, wounding two female Border Police officers and a young man.

One of the guards, Hadar Cohen, 19, was critically wounded and later died from her injuries while hospitalized in Hadassah Medical Center.

Cohen, a resident of Or Yehuda, was a recent recruit to the Border Police, and leaves behind her parents, brother and sister.


The other Border Police officer, 20, was seriously wounded and also taken to Hadassah Medical Center with multiple stab wounds, where her condition improved to moderate.

The three terrorists were eliminated at the scene by security forces.

Just before the attack happened, the two officers – who had recently joined the Border Police and were undergoing training – approached two men who were sitting on a bench next Damascus Gate, along with their unit commander. The officers asked them for their ID, when of the pair got up and stabbed one of the officers, moderately wounding her. Cohen shot the stabber, killing him.

According to the other Border Police officer who was on the scene, another terrorist drew a Carl Gustav rifle when he was asked for his ID and started shooting.

Other Border Police officers on the scene also opened fire, including the moderately wounded officer, at which point the third terrorist arrived and shot Cohen at close range. A police officer who was in the area shot and killed the shooter who had fired at Cohen.

According to Palestinian sources, the terrorists – Ahmed Abu Al-Roub, Mohammed Kamil and Mohammed Nasser – came from the Jenin area, and were aged between 20 and 21. Two of the terrorists had been barred from entering Israel by the Shin Bet, and all three crossed over illegally.

Later on, two explosive devices were found at the scene along with two guns. The explosives were neutralized.

Hamas praised the attack, calling the terrorists “heroes” and saying that the incident proved that “the Palestinian people will persist with the intifada.”


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