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Israel Busts Arms, Drug Dealer North of Ramallah in Arab home

The Police in cooperation with the IDF raided an Arab home in the Ramallah area due to the suspicion that it possessed weapons. While searching the place, the fighters found various weapons, ammunition, and bullet proof vests. In addition, they also found drugs, stolen vehicles, and counterfeit coins and cash.

The troops enter the Samaria village of Jelazoun together with the IDF Binyamin Regional Brigade and seized the following:

1 M-16 assault rifle, with magazine 2 loaded Carl Gustav assault rifles 1 vest complete with M-16 cartridges M-16 weapons parts 1 gas pistol Hundreds of 9mm bullets Stolen vehicles 6 pallets of hashish 2 bags of Nice Guy synthetic marijuana, plus bags for dividing it into portions 1 bag of hundreds of 10-shekel coins 2 security safes with thousands of shekels

The Arab was arrested and transferred to security personnel for questioning at the Binyamin District Police station.

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