British jihadi mother jailed for taking toddler to join ISIS

The father of a British jihadi mother who has been jailed for six years for taking her toddler to join ISIS in Syria has claimed his daughter has been ‘stitched up’ due to ‘Islamophobia’.

Tareena Shakil, 26, travelled to the war-torn region in October 2014 where she became immersed in the world of terror, became a jihadi bride for an ISIS fighter and spoke of her desire to become a ‘martyr’.

She also posed her 14-month-old son for pictures next to an AK47 before posting messages which called on followers to ‘take on arms’.

But today her father Mohammed hit out at the ‘injustice’ his daughter faced, claiming her conviction was a conspiracy between MI5, MI6 – and even her own defence lawyers.

Speaking outside Birmingham Crown Court as she was jailed for terror crimes, he told LBC the case had been a ‘farce’ and his ‘perfect’ daughter would now ‘devote herself even more to God’.

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‘I hope to God no woman comes back to face this kind of injustice in the country. My daughter was the last hope for all the vulnerable, they’ve killed all the hope,’ he said.

‘This is Islamophobia, you know, the West, they’re killing us. It is a farce. A big farce, yes it is.

‘This is a stitch up by MI5 and MI6 because she did not help them, she could not help them. This is a fix up between the prosecution, the defence lawyers, this is all that.’

He added: ‘She’ll devote herself even more to God, that’s what she’ll do.’

Shakil, a former school prefect and fan of The Only Way is Essex, had fled to Raqqa after telling her family she was going on a beach holiday to Turkey.


She then claimed she had only moved to Syria to live under sharia law and even pretended she had wound up in Syria because she was kidnapped off a beach while on holiday.

Handing down the sentence today, Judge Melbourne Inman condemned Shakil for telling ‘lie after lie’ as she tried to escape terror charges.

Jailing her for four year for ISIS membership and two years for encouraging acts of terror, he told her: ‘You told lie after lie to the police and in court between February and November 2015, including that you were kidnapped, were not responsible for any tweets and any incriminating photographs were staged against your will.


‘You pleaded not guilty and told more lies to the jury which they have understandably rejected.’

He added that one of the most ‘abhorrent’ features of the case was that Shakil’s son would have grown up subject to indoctrination – and probably would have wound up as a terrorist.

‘Most alarming is the fact that you took your son and how he was used,’ he said.

‘In your own evidence you described Raqqa as the most dangerous place on earth. That is one aspect of the aggravating feature of exposing your son to life with terrorists.


‘The most abhorrent photographs were those taken of your son wearing a balaclava with an ISIS logo and specifically the photograph of your son, no more than a toddler, standing next to an AK47 under a title which, translated from the Arabic, means “father of the British jihad”.

‘You were well aware that the future which you had subjected your son to was very likely to be indoctrination and thereafter life as a terrorist fighter.’

Shakil was also ordered to register her whereabouts with police for a period of 15 years following her release from prison.