Teen-terrorist arrested in Jerusalem

An Arab teen-terrorist was arrested by forces with a knife on his person on Hagai street in Jerusalem’s old city on Monday, after he aroused the suspicions of nearby security forces.

Police arrested the 14-year-old after they noticed him loitering on the predominantly Jewish street. The police examined the teen from a distance before a body search revealed a concealed weapon.

The terrorist was arrested and taken in for interrogation and the knife was seized.

An investigation into the incident has been launched.

“The police officers deployed in the area operate daily…  and are tasked with the mission of thwarting terrorist incidents, and protecting the residents and many visitors to the city, with an emphasis on the alleys of the Old City,” where terrorists have been known to lurk, according to the City of David Police Commander.

“The alertness of the officers, their operational preparedness, and their professionalism enabled them to identify the minor behaving irregularly, and to seize the knife.

“Their action prevented harm to innocent people,” he added.