Car-ramming attack prevented in Tel Aviv

Two Arabs from the Israeli town of Kafr Qasam, were arrested Monday after a police chase on suspicion that they had planned to carry out a car-ramming terror attack in Tel Aviv.

Police were alerted to the suspects’ plans by a young woman who had been spent time with them on Sunday in a club in the central Israeli city of Herzliya. According to the woman and a friend of hers, one of the two suspects yelled that he intended “to kill Jews, ride on the sidewalk, and run them over,” the Walla news site reported.

After being notified by the girl, Tel Aviv police began to pursue the two men. The manhunt involved helicopters, emergency roadblocks that were setup throughout the city and the emergency call up of a large amount of police officers from the Tel Aviv district and traffic enforcement.

Upon locating the suspected terrorists following a car chase police performed the procedure for arresting a suspected individual in possession of a weapon who has the intention to carry out an attack.