Ministry of Culture to cease funding anti-Israel artists

Tomorrow, Israeli Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev will present to the Knesset Education Committee an amendment to the budget that she believes will provide support to Israeli culture. Currently, the Culture Ministry delivers a budget to cultural institutions based upon a criteria that does not deal with creativity and relate to artistic content.

Presently, the Israeli Ministry of Culture provides financial support based upon the location of a cultural institution, the number of instruments in an orchestra, the number of shows in a theater and similar criteria. Now, Regev intends to amend this so it will also include an element that declares loyalty to Israeli culture. According to her, support for cultural institutions should be conditional upon their loyalty to the laws within the State of Israel.

“The Ministry of Culture’s responsibility is to supervise cultural institutions including the content shown in them and to make sure that they are not breaking the country’s laws,” Regev asserted. “Cultural institutions are not above the law. They must act in accordance with the laws in the State of Israel and we must make sure of it.”

“I am not an ATM machine,” Regev proclaimed. “I have a responsibility for public money and the law grants me the authority to exercise my responsibility by denying support for institutions that break the law. Freedom of expression is the essence of democracy and I will fight for it but equally I will fight for financial freedom and under no circumstances will I permit violations of the law under the guise of freedom of expression.”