Arab twin sisters arrested for planning terror attack

Israeli security forces cleared for publication the arrest of two twin sisters, Diana and Nadiya Hulia, for planning to carry out a terror attack, the Shin Bet said in a statement Monday.

At the end of December, the Shin Bet, in cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces, arrested the 18-year-old sisters from the village of Shuweika, near Tulkarem.

During a search of their home, authorities reportedly found pipe bombs, fertilizer intended to be used to build explosives, a knife, Hamas headbands, and other equipment for causing disturbances.

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According to the Shin Bet statement, Diana Hulia admitted to purchasing the chemical materials and also learned how to make explosives, which she planned to use in attacks against Israelis, by watching instructional videos online.

Nadiya Hulia helped her sister hide the weapons.

Charges were filed against the sisters before a military court in Samaria in recent days.

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According to the Shin Bet Diana was charged with manufacturing of explosives and weapons trading, while her sister Nadia was charged with only weapons trading.

The Shin Bet stressed that its investigation “highlights once again the existing motivation to carry out attacks, including, among those who do not belong to terrorist organizations, including women.”