‘20% of Western donations to PA go to terrorists’ families’

The stipends paid by the Palestinian Authority to terrorists’ families amounts to some $75 million a year — about 20% of the donations funneled to the PA from Western nations and bodies, Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely said Sunday in a meeting with foreign dignitaries in Jerusalem.

Hotovely also said that contrary to 2012 and 2013, when the Palestinian Authority exercised some transparency, in 2014 Ramallah changed its regulations, making the funds harder to track by transferring them under the guise of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) benefits.

The deputy foreign minister said she believed these benefits may now even exceed 20% of donor funds.

World Bank figures show that between 1993 and 2013 the Palestinian Authority received $21.7 billion in foreign aid.

Hotovely said further that per capita, the Palestinian Authority receives far more foreign aid than any other country in the world — roughly $800 million a year on average. Palestinians receive assistance to the tune of $170 per person, while Syrians, for example, receive an average of $106 per person.

“When I meet with European officials, I present them with data on the massive amounts of money their counties funnel to the Palestinian Authority and what the PA does with the funds,” Hotovely told Israel Hayom.

“We demand that they [donor countries] monitor the use of the money and make sure it is not used to fund terrorism or incitement. It is time for the world to stop incitement and terrorism by truly supervising its donations [to the Palestinians],” she said.